About 4FREE2

Like the idea behind the healing frequency 432 the idea of 4FREE2 is to provide a healing frequency. A harmonic stream forged by balanced intent in tune with the natural rhythm of the cosmos. An alternative to the main stream depraved decadence designed to deceive deliberately dealing dis function and dis ease.

There is an element to society that is manufactured to decay and be dysfunctional by design. This disorder by design creates and thrives on dis ease . Like a parasite weakening a host so that they can feed on it and exploit its energy and life force for its own gain. This disfunction by design is prevalent and provable in our times and so it is by design that it is now time to break and make free from our dysfunctional designers.

It can not be denied that decay and dis function is very much a natural function and process in life but it also can not and should no longer be denied that there are those that create dis order dis ease and dis function by design in order to benefit and gain order, ease and function for them selves at the sake of everyone else.

Call them what you want,
The dis functional designers , the so called elite , the powers that shouldn’t be , the illuminati , the parasitical bloodsucking leach like vampire overlords, the miss ruling miss leaders, the archons, the great eye lidless wreathed in flame, the deep state, the empire, the corporatocracy, the technocracy, the decepticons , the government.

Whatever you call them or whatever your perception most will acknowledge that times are changing .

Even those that vote and jump through all the hoops laid out for them, the consumer or tax payer as they call us if you actually listen to the news.

To move forward and break / make free from our dis functional designers we have to be able to see the dis functional design .

To heal our selves we have to understand how we are harming our selves.

A lot of the information presented via this portal may be considered negative or un pleasant to initially grasp and comprehend .

Relationships that you have grown to love and trust may be questioned in a way that initially disturbs or offends you.

Relationships like the relationship between seemingly opposing forces that may seriously contradict your current belief systems.

Your world view is in danger of being completely turned upside down or inside out