The C.A.I world factbook

The purpose of this page is to provide a compendium of additional information related to subject matters that matter to this website and podcast series. The links may often lead you to sources such as wikipedia so please remain dilligent when researching these topics as sources such as wikipedia are biased and try and steer you to percieve the information presented in a certain way. Ultimately any source may have a bias or agenda of its own including this website so these words and terms are provided merely as a stepping stone to gaining an additional insight into the topics listed. I try to provide links to what people may consider official sources so that you can hear it from the horses mouth as such. The danger of this is you falling for the spin but by providing sources such as wikipedia or official sites from the horses mouth I am showing you that I am not applying spin and am showing faith that you are capable of being given these keys . Kind of like when you give your child a key to the house . You are saying that you are responsible enough to go outside by yourself now or to be home alone. You can look after yourself without supervision. Compare this attitude to that of the big brother, nanny state with the whole keeping you safe narrative and that alone should be quite revealing.

Quite simply these are key words and terms.

A key is for unlocking something. In this instance the keys provided are for unlocking your mind. Though sources such as wikipedia can be used to gain extra insight remember that wikipedia functions as a gatekeeper for knowledge rather than to provide the keys to free thought so it is imperitive to keep an open mind and be concious of mind manipulation, spin and propaganda. Even google has a bias so we are really up against it in terms of unlocking the words and terms so be sure to cross reference and dig deep rather than relying on the first few articles at top of the page. Any body can pay to be at the top of a page. It is called s.e.o or search engine optimisation. Placement at the top of the search engine does not make you more credible, it merely means you have the most investment in being placed at the top.

In simple terms money rules.

Google have the ultimate say in who gets placed where so do not be so naive as to believe that google are not biased or not intertwined with the machine and the technocractic agenda. Google are quite obviously one of the central components to it.

Use the following list wisely. These words and terms are not listed in any particular order. They will be listed in relation to each show, so that is the only order of any significance.

The Trivium

Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030

Tavistock institute

The world economic forum


The great reset

Behavioural insights

MK Ultra


Search engine optimisation



Event 201






Blacks law