Episode 4. Teace Snyder. The art of conspiracy

Wow. Just . Wow! This talk represents exactly why I wanted to do this kind of thing. What was supposed to be a talk along the lines of bringing a general introduction to conspiracy culture from a light hearted perspective, ended up being a mind-blowing conversation going into serious next level depth and detail in regards to the bigger picture. Teace is a true hidden gem as you are not going to find him on you tube. If you are not familiar with his work, then make time and make yourself familiar with it. His ability to flow and illustrate his vision of the bigger picture in such graphic detail is truly a work of art and I am not overstating this as I really do feel that Teace the teacher of peace has delivered a master piece and I feel truly blessed to have shared time with him and now have the gift of being able to share that time with you. Enjoy and share with others. Were all in this together remember

Topics discussed include school being a prison, the awakening process, reincarnation, past life recall , the Akashic records, the mental struggle of being aware of the global conspiracy, introducing normies to conspiracy culture and who to refer people to, cognitive dissonance, the controlled demolition of society, coping with convid, life in Canada, the queen, monarchy, royal golems, the true face of evil, king charles and agenda 2030, using alternate media to implement the agenda, the evolution of mk ultra, world war 3, Chatham house, the royal institute of international affairs, the cfr , tavistock , Cecil Rhodes, why the long game?, Zecharia Sitchins work, the Sumerian tablets, the new age being the new cage, the implementation of a new human origin story and global religion, false idols ,the energy crisis, activism, solutions, Michael Douglas and much much more

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Teace Snyder is an activist, author, director, producer, actor and the creator of Conspiracy Synergy.

Conspiracy Synergy is a more lighthearted approach to the darkest themes of our time.


Because love conquers all, silly rabbit šŸ™‚

Find Teace and his work at teace.ca & conspiracysynergy