Episode 5. Max Igan. Its not them! Its us!

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth the truth is a revolutionary act”. Another quote completely relevant to this talk is ” If you want to know who rules over you , look at who you are not allowed to criticize” A double Orwellian quote for these Orwellian times but not double speak. Max Igan used to start his shows with a quote helping to provide a context for the information he was about to present so this is a tribute to those presentations. Due to our out of control controllers fear of our ability to be able to perceive information and truth for ourselves most of Max Igans work has been purged from you tube and the other more accesible social(ist) media platforms. This hasn’t stopped Max it has just made it harder for his content to be accessed. Being targeted by the ministry of truth is actually a badge of honour in these upside down times and a sign that you are hitting them where it hurts. Fortunately Max is still going strong and fortunately for this show Max was kind of enough to share his time and his thoughts with us.

Topics discussed include life in Australia, the blatant lust for power of politicians, the intentional drive to demoralise the people, weather warfare, pushing of the digital infrastructure, Max’s escape to Mexico, the revolutionary mindstate of mexicans, covid scam, censorship, staying censorship proof, Max’s awakening story, what the big picture is and what stage we are at, going semi grey, the gender bender agenda, how the LGBTQ+ fits into the transhumanist agenda, the sexualisation of children, the anger of future generations, soul purification, the safe and effective documentary, Piers morgan back tracking, soul harvesting, order followers, natural law, non compliance, taking back our power, the best and worst case scenario for the future, synchronicity and intuition, the role of ai, ai becoming self aware, and much much more

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Max Igan is a musician, artist , researcher, presenter, writer, film maker, activist and a real rebel revolutionary of our time. Check out his great volume of work and content at https://thecrowhouse.com/home.html